Financial Independence Solutions

S.M.A.R.T. And Proven

We offer

  • Financial advisement billed hourly and the fee is based on the individual financial advisor.
  • Highly customized investment strategies and pair it with advising. This is only available to those who take, complete, and pass the Entrepreneurial Personal Finance course. A minimum level of financial literacy is required to take advantage of this offer.
  • A very user friendly client portal that allows you to log into your account from your computer or smart phone and view all of your accounts from wherever you are in the world.
  • Membership which provides members the opportunity to use our wealth calculators, read our guides, use checklists, and interact with one another in our forum called the RINO Lounge.
  • A quick read financial literacy blog that allows you to stay up on the tried and true personal finance methods as well as read up on current financial news.
  • Nationwide property management services for RINO INVEST Wealth Management clients only.
  • Access to an owners portal which allows you to view all of your property activity in one easy place. It also, allows you to update your bank information for quick and easy rental deposits as well as communicate with our property management staff about any questions you may have.
  • Various services geared toward providing financial incentives for the tenant. By offering services like Till which is an option that tenants can take advantage of in the event they cannot pay rent, to credit reporting services, your tenants will want to stay with RINO INVEST assisting you with lower turnover fees. That’s Satisfaction¬≤.



Matt Pettit, CIO

Matt Pettit serves as the Chief Investment Officer of RINO INVEST as well as serving in the United States Army as a Captain. He is a 2015 Graduate of Wofford College with a degree in Accounting, he previously managed an $88 million budget in the Army Finance Corps and is currently a Senior Financial Analyst for a privately owned company.

Favorite quote:
“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”
P.T. Barnum