It seems like every time you scroll through a website or turn on the TV, you see an ad for yet another company promising to help you manage your money and build enough wealth to make Jeff Bezos envious.
That’s not our style, and it may be why you haven’t heard too much about us yet. If you’re asking yourself, “Who exactly is RINO INVEST?” then give us a moment. You may like what we have to say.
RINO INVEST is the wealth management company for middle America. Our target market is the very folks that most other organizations look right over, namely Millennial and Gen Z professionals and college graduates working in the field of their choice. We might be just the ticket for you if:
  • You’re established in your career and wondering if it’s time to start investing; or
  • You’re not sure why (or how or if) investing is even the right thing for you too; or
  • You’d love to find a way to build real wealth but have no idea where to start; or
  • You’d like to invest but have no idea who to trust.
What makes RINO INVEST different, is that we take a holistic approach to advising. We don’t just throw numbers and products at you. Instead, we focus first on building your financial IQ so that you have the skills you need to understand your financial situation, set goals, and prioritize your next steps. We’ve developed a program called Entrepreneurial Personal Finance that we’ll ask you to complete before taking you on as a client. Then, when you do sit down to talk to us, you’ll be able to speak the language of finance and make informed decisions about what’s best for you.
We’ve found that investing in real estate is a good choice for those seeking financial independence, so we provide property management services to assist with asset management. Our Real Estate Investing course will help you learn how to negotiate the property market anywhere in the US.
If all that sounds atypical…then you get us! We are a Millennial-owned and run business that was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in the middle of a global pandemic, to serve clients all across the country. We are a veteran owned and minority owned business, so we bring a broad perspective that’s in sync with the audience we serve.
We’re not interested in a one-and-done approach, so we don’t expect you to hand us your money and let us make all your investment choices for you. Although we do have a fiduciary responsibility, this kind of practice runs counter to our holistic approach to advising.
Now that you know what we are, let me tell you a few things we don’t do. We don’t work with clients who are in financial distress, unemployed, have no assets, or poor credit. We’re not “fixers” who can solve your financial problems for you. If you can’t own your financial reality, learn basic financial skills, or commit to taking the steps that will benefit you in the long run, we can’t help you. It is our firm belief that conflict occurs when there is a violation of expectation. 
Like I said, we’re a different kind of company. If you’re willing to learn and grow, we’d love to help you!
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Matt Pettit, CIO

Matt Pettit serves as the Chief Investment Officer of RINO INVEST. He is a 2015 Graduate of Wofford College with a degree in Accounting. He also serves his country as a Captain in the United States Army Reserve.

Favorite quote:
“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.”
P.T. Barnum